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Quick answers

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How does Cardeo work?

Cardeo brings data from your credit cards into a single view using open banking. Our repayment calculator works out how long it will take you to pay off your credit card borrowing. It can help you set up a repayment plan – where you set a repayment target, learn the cheapest and quickest way to hit it, and either automate repayments or get reminders to do it yourself.

Can anybody use Cardeo?

Cardeo is designed to help all UK credit cardholders. Our free account overview and repayment calculator tools are available to everyone with a UK credit card.

The Cardeo repayment plan – where you set a target, get repayment recommendations, and can enjoy autopay – is subject to a short suitability check. This makes sure that the recommendations won’t cause anyone financial difficulty.

Does Cardeo connect with all credit cards?

It should – with all UK credit cards. And it does with most. By law all UK credit card providers should be sharing the data that Cardeo needs to work. This website shows you which lenders are playing ball.

The best way to find out if a credit card will connect with Cardeo is to try it. Even if a lender only shares partial data, Cardeo will still work. If a card will not connect, it’s a good idea to write to your credit card provider asking them to meet open banking requirements.

What accounts can I connect to Cardeo?

The main thing is to get all of your credit cards connected to Cardeo. Then the app can get to work spotting opportunities to save money and working out how to manage your repayments efficiently. If you want to use autopay you’ll also be asked to connect your current account. The more data you share safely with Cardeo, the more it can do for you.

Do I have to fix my repayment amounts with Cardeo?

No. With Cardeo, you stay in control of what you pay when. You can set up a credit card repayment plan, but it’s flexible. On top of minimum repayments, you can change the monthly amount or add top-ups whenever you’d like. And you can cancel the plan at any time.

Is Cardeo free? How does it make money?

Cardeo is free to download and to use. The account analytics, repayment calculator, repayment plan, reminders, autopay – they’re all completely free.

We keep it free by including adverts in the app.

Is switching to another 0% deal better than Cardeo?

Cardeo helps you to pay off your credit card borrowing in an achievable way. Our repayment plans can significantly reduce your interest repayments and fees.

In contrast, 0% transfer deals could cost you more in the long run, through transfer fees and purchases accruing interest. They also take time to find and arrange, and your 0% options may eventually run out.

Security and protection

Is my data safe?

When you give us permission, we access your account data using open banking. This is a standard, highly secure method of sharing financial data. Your data is encrypted and login details kept hidden.

Our privacy policy lays out everything we do with your data. Cardeo is regulated by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) ensuring our security and privacy policies are robust and protect your data at all times.

What is open banking?

Since 2018, UK banks have kept your account information in a standard, shareable form. When you permit, another provider can access this information to offer you new services. That’s open banking. It’s highly secure. You can remove your consent at any time. Your data is encrypted and its usage is tracked. All providers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Am I protected, paying through Cardeo?

With any repayments made through Cardeo, your money is kept in a Modulr e-wallet account until it’s time to send it to your credit cards. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme does not apply to e-money products, so alternative regulatory protections are in place: Modulr safeguards 100% of your money in a segregated Bank of England account. That means if the repayment service were to fail, you’d be able to get your money back.

Financial health

How is my credit score affected by Cardeo?

Cardeo helps you to stick to regular credit card repayments of at least the minimum payment amount. Over time, these repayments will have a positive influence on your credit score.

What happens if I struggle to make payments?

If things change and Cardeo detects that you are getting into financial difficulty, we’ll do everything we can to help you. If you’re using autopay and can’t make the repayments, we can cancel it. You will still be required to repay your credit card providers directly, but there are free services to help that may be able to help you.