23 March 2023


Introducing: Barclaycard and Amex connect to Cardeo

American Express and Barclaycard credit cards can now be added to the Cardeo app.

The credit cards - the two most requested by Cardeo users - can be connected to the app, and included in the single monthly payment.

Cardeo’s single monthly payment allows you to pay your credit cards through the app - making just one payment instead of many each month. The app splits the money to your cards according to your target. You can choose to minimise interest, pay off your cards the fastest way, reduce the number of cards you hold – or set the repayment amounts manually.

Barclaycard and Amex join Lloyds, Nationwide, Tesco Bank, Capital One and Santander as fully supported cards in the Cardeo app – along with many more of the most popular credit cards.

This latest update also brings connections for Bip, Fluid and Pulse. You can now connect them through open banking to see your account data in the Cardeo app. Work is underway to add them to the single monthly payment as well.

Cardeo’s tech team is working hard on adding the remaining credit cards to the app.

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