16 May 2023


Introducing: 11 more credit cards added to Cardeo

With 11 more credit cards able to connect to the app, Cardeo now covers the vast majority of UK credit cards.

The latest batch of credit cards added to Cardeo includes many popular shop brands. If you have any of the following credit cards in your wallet, try connecting them to Cardeo today.

  • Argos

  • Burton

  • Debenhams

  • Dorothy Perkins

  • Evans

  • John Lewis

  • Marbles

  • NewPay

  • Opus

  • Tui

  • Wallis

It is now possible to connect around 80% of credit card brands to Cardeo. In terms of the credit cards that people in the UK own – that figure is much higher.

This latest batch all connect to Cardeo through open banking, allowing you to see your total balance, borrowing and spending data in the app. We’re working on adding them to the single monthly payment and Cardeo Credit too, and will let you know when that happens.

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If you are still waiting for one of your credit cards to be added to Cardeo (check the list here), make sure to complain to your credit card provider. The main reason for cards still not added is that providers break the law by not making your data available.

Check out the campaign for #FairerCredit we launched in Parliament last month to raise awareness of this problem.

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