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Financial difficulty

Struggling with debt? There are things that you can do

Cardeo is designed to help people escape the credit card trap. But even with the best tools, situations can change, leaving people facing financial difficulty.

If you are worried about making credit card repayments, we will do what we can to help. We can’t advise on debts other than those related to your connected credit cards, but we can recommend free services that help with money and wellbeing.

What if I can’t meet my payments?

Cardeo payments are advisory. They help people who can comfortably make the minimum monthly repayments on their credit cards, and still keep up with other bills and credit commitments, to repay their credit cards consistently each month.

If you have set up payments in Cardeo, but are struggling to make them each month, you can pause your payments in Cardeo. You’ll still have to repay your credit card providers, and should contact them to discuss your situation.