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Cardeo is the clever new way to credit card

Features 01 free

Your data set free

Through open banking, Cardeo unlocks your data and puts it to work to give you the real picture of your borrowing and spending. All personalised for you.

Features 02 payback

Payback that doesn’t hurt

Cardeo works out payback time from your current borrowing, interest rates and spending. But you’re not stuck with it. Make a payment plan to set a new target, and see how to get there.

Features 03 repayment

Choose the best method

Once you’ve set a target, Cardeo offers a choice of ways to tackle your cards. From minimising interest and clearing cards fast, to clearing low balances first. Or come up with your own approach.

Features 04 heaven

Single payment heaven

Why juggle multiple payments in multiple apps? Make one payment to Cardeo each month and we'll pay it to your cards on your behalf. Two cards or 20 – it couldn’t be easier.

Features 05 date

Change the date

The single monthly payment makes sure that you’ll never accidentally miss a card repayment again. It’s convenient – choose the payment date that suits you best each month.

Features 06 boss

You’re the boss

Edit, top up or pause your payment plan whenever you like. Make extra repayments to your cards when you’ve got a little spare. It’s all flexible, keeping you in control of your credit cards.

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What's missing?

Let us know what features would make Cardeo even better for you. If they’re not in development already, we may add them to our roadmap.

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Can anybody use Cardeo?

Cardeo is designed to help all UK credit cardholders. Our free account overview, calculator and single monthly payment tools are available to everyone with a UK credit card.

Customers who are eligible for our flexible low-cost credit line will be invited to apply for Cardeo Credit.

What is the single monthly payment?

Make a single payment to Cardeo each month and we’ll send it to your credit cards on your behalf.

  1. Set a target, such as an end date or a monthly amount.

  2. Choose a repayment approach, such as avalanche, which minimises your credit card interest and the time to clear your cards. Or set the amount for each card manually.

  3. Cardeo will remind you when it’s time to make your payment, and how much to pay.

You can change the details, stop your payment or make extra one-off repayments at any time. You don’t have to pay a fixed amount each month. With the single monthly payment you don’t owe anything to Cardeo – we simply help you to pay back your credit cards, in whichever way you want.

How does the single monthly payment work?

During the setup of your single monthly repayment, you’ll be guided through adding your credit cards, choosing an aim, payment amount, payment approach and collection date.

Cardeo will collect the whole payment before distributing it to your cards in time for each one. So if you have different due dates on your credit cards, set your collection date at least 2-3 days before the first one is due.

The single monthly payment is not currently automatic. You return to the app each month to approve the payment.

If you want to use the single monthly payment to make your regular credit card repayments, cancel any Direct Debits you have to those cards, to avoid paying twice.

You can edit the details of your single monthly payment whenever you wish. You can also make additional overpayments to your credit cards at any time through Cardeo.

How many credit cards should I add?

We recommend adding all of your credit card accounts to Cardeo. When we have the full picture, we can offer you the most accurate advice and save you the most money.

Do I have to fix my repayment amounts?

No. With Cardeo, you are always in control of what you pay to your credit cards. The single monthly payment is flexible.

On top of minimum repayments, you can change the monthly amount or make extra one-off payments whenever you’d like. You can also change the collection date or stop the plan at any time.

Are payments through Cardeo protected?

Yes. Any payments made to your credit cards through Cardeo are stored in an e-wallet account before being sent to your cards. Your wallet only ever holds your money.

Cardeo partners with e-money company Modulr to provide your wallet.

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme does not apply to e-money products, so alternative regulatory protections are in place: Modulr safeguards your money in a segregated Bank of England account. That means 100% of your money is protected should anything happen to Modulr.

Modulr safeguarding explanation
Modulr terms and conditions

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