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Cardeo’s mission is to transform the credit card market for good

Credit cards are great. So convenient! They’re helpful for spreading the cost of large items, good for building up a credit score, and can come with all sorts of perks.

We love credit cards – but the credit card system is stacked against consumers. Even the smartest person can fall foul of small print. Or get bamboozled by complex information.

Credit card providers know this. When customers miss a payment they are hit with penalty fees. Credit card rates can be high, so it’s all too easy to fall into the credit card trap.

We founded Cardeo to tackle this problem. Our app combines open banking data with artificial intelligence to beat the downward spiral. Our aim is that people pay less interest, no more fees, and are able to pay off their credit card borrowing.

The technology behind Cardeo is clever, but the app itself is simple. It is important that it remains free to use, to help as many people as possible.

Our aim is to save you money, make your life a little easier, and get you enjoying your credit cards again.

The values that led to Cardeo

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Socially responsible

The credit card industry makes a lot of money while consumers pay the price. We’re passionate about making it fairer.

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Credit positive

We love credit cards. And the things that they can buy! That’s why we’re working to make credit less expensive.

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Consumers first

Our business is making your life easier. The world might not revolve around you, but Cardeo does. We're listening.

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Harnessing technology

We relish the marriage of smart ideas with technology. Give us some data and we’ll get Cardeo’s AI right on it.


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If you share our goal of making borrowing fairer, here are some actions you can take to further the cause:

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Thank you.

Together we can make borrowing better.