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Keep your cards, lose the stress

Cardeo manages your credit card payments to save you time, money and hassle.

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How Cardeo works

All your accounts in one place


Manage your credit cards in one place and get insight into your borrowing and spending via open banking.

Set a target - and hit it

Set a target

Use the calculator to set a monthly amount or end date to clear your cards. Cardeo keeps you on track to get there.

Smart payment plan

Payment plan

Choose how to split your repayments – for example to hit your target in the cheapest possible way, in the quickest time.

Single monthly payments

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Cardeo collects a single, monthly payment from you and sends it to your cards on your behalf. Never miss a payment again.

Money saving deals


As well as saving you money on your cards, Cardeo offers you deals on a range of products from hotels to insurance.

And there's more

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Flexibility and control

Change your target or adjust your payment plan at any time. Stay in full control of your accounts and payments.

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Great for your credit score

Cardeo’s payment plan will keep you on track, doing wonders for your credit score as well as your wallet.

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Utmost security

Cardeo connects to your accounts in an encrypted way using standard and highly secure open banking.

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Perks included

Because you keep hold of your original credit cards with Cardeo, you also keep hold of their their benefits.


What people are saying

In case you're wondering

How does Cardeo work?

Cardeo brings data from your credit cards into a single view using open banking.

It then gives you dynamic insight into your borrowing and spending.

Our payment plan works out how long it will take to pay off your cards. You can set a repayment target, decide how to get there, and repay your cards through a single monthly payment.

Reminders make sure that you never miss a repayment.

You can change the payment plan as much as you like. Edit the date, target or the monthly amount, make extra one-off payments, and pause the plan as it suits you.

Does Cardeo connect with all credit cards?

Cardeo connects with most UK credit card providers.

List of supported cards

We are working on adding more cards all the time. Part of this is getting all UK credit cards compliant with open banking law so that we can connect to them. You can speed up the process by writing to your card provider if they are not sharing the data they should be.

You can also vote for the cards you want most, and get notified when they are added to Cardeo.

How does Cardeo save me money?

Payment reminders help you to pay your credit cards on time each month. That way you avoid extra interest and late payment fees from your card provider.

With the Cardeo payment plan you can choose to pay back your cards using the avalanche method. This repays highest interest rate cards first, after minimum payments are met. Interest charges are minimised and you pay off your cards in the shortest possible time.

Cardeo also gives you insight into your credit card usage. Seeing the results of different actions allows you to make smart decisions that benefit your finances.

Finally, we offer deals from other parties which are designed to save you money.

Is Cardeo free? How does it make money?

The Cardeo app is free so that as many people as possible can use it to save money.

Free means free to download, with no in-app purchases or charges associated with any part of our service.

Cardeo makes a small amount of money each time a customer takes up a deal from the Cardeo app.

Is Cardeo worth it for only one credit card?

Cardeo offers plenty of help, even for a single credit card.

You get insight into your borrowing and spending. You can easily change the date of your monthly payment. You can see how long it will take to pay off your card – and make top-up payments when you want to get there faster.

Is switching to another 0% deal better than Cardeo?

Cardeo helps you to pay off your credit card borrowing in an achievable way. Our repayment plans can significantly reduce your interest repayments and fees.

In contrast, 0% transfer deals could cost you more in the long run, through transfer fees and purchases accruing interest. They also take time to find and arrange, and your 0% options may eventually run out.

0% deal credit cards can be connected to Cardeo like any others. A Cardeo payment plan can help you to pay off the loan, instead of just avoiding the interest.

Is my data safe?

When you give us permission, we access your account data using open banking. This is a standard, highly secure method of sharing financial data. Your data is encrypted and login details kept hidden.

Our privacy policy lays out everything we do with your data. Cardeo is regulated by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) ensuring our security and privacy policies are robust and protect your data at all times.

How is my credit score affected by Cardeo?

Cardeo helps you to stick to regular credit card repayments of at least the minimum payment amount.

That’s good news! Over time, these repayments will have a positive influence on your credit score.